Case Study:

Linked Up

How The CBG Program Helped LINKVIVA
Increase Sales By 200%
GP to 40% and
Cash Flows By 350%

Case Study:

Linked Up

How Solving These 12 Mistakes Helped LINKVIVA
Increase Sales By 200% GP to 40% and Cash Flows By 350%


The CBG Program helped me increase our GP by over 26.5% resulting in a 350% increase in cash flows. Our sales have increased 200%.

Niousha Ehsan - CEO, LINKVIVA Events


Solving these 12 Mistakes helped me increase our GP by over 26.5% resulting in a 350% increase in cash flows. Our sales have increased 200%.

Niousha Ehsan - CEO, LINKVIVA Events

Can The CBG Program Help Me To Also Accelerate Growth?

Can Solving These 12 Mistakes Help Me To Also Accelerate Growth?

The Problem

Before working with Rajesh, LINKVIVA was growing through a huge growth spurt. They had a lot of staff turnover. They were extremely busy, but really working in chaos. They did not have a lot of systems and processes in place. Niousha was working 14 hours a day. No holidays. No peace of mind. Niousha’s haunting question – why does everything have to be so much effort and struggle?

The Result

Rajesh helped LINKVIVA quickly fix their culture by creating an environment of acknowledgement and trust which helped to reduce variable costs by 5%, increasing their profit margin to 40%. Sales accelerated and grew by 200%. Attrition rates dropped from 40% to 0%. Cash flows increased 350%. LINKVIVA won several awards – No 39 Top 100 SMEs, Best Place To Work Award and Commended Business Vision Award.

Joining CBG was the best decision I ever made. It was indeed and eye opener to many practical learnings that transformed my approach in leadership. We broke our chronic attrition issue and won 5 awards in a row: #39 of the Top 100 SMEs in Dubai, The Great Place To Work Award, Commended Business Vision Award, Top 50 GCC Women Leaders and Top 50 Event Companies in the World


Attrition Rate


Cost Reduced


Profit Margin


Sales Growth


Cash Flow Increase

Our Strategy

Step One


Rajesh first engaged in a live climate study process to benchmark 7 Elements that define a Company’s culture ranging from Toxic to Highly Conducive to ignite Discretionary Effort. Through a process of triangulation, Rajesh identified that the sole pivot that would transform the company’s culture was ‘Acknowledgement’. People were not feeling valued.

Rajesh introduced the 5 Step Acknowledgement Process. Within a month, the culture started to get visibly transformed. From being islands, everyone started to engage and participate, sharing authentically and transparently. Discretionary Effort started to pick
up. Attrition rates started to drop. A powerful space for results acceleration started to form.

Step Two


Rajesh facilitated establishing the 9 part Sales Engine, divided in three parts – Lead Generation, Lead Nurturing and Lead Conversion. Sales Cycles for each service were meticulously mapped with conversion ratios, which were dynamically tracked and validated to eliminate fallacies in initial assumptions. Focus shifted from Lagging Indicators to Leading Indicators. The daily Sales Inspection huddles focused on Leading Indicators with vigorous action to correct deficits.Slowly a high sales performance rhythm set in, leading to over-achieving targets quarter on quarter.

Step Three


Rajesh enrolled the team to move from ‘winging it’ to ‘repeatable process’. Borrowing from The Capability Maturity Model, Rajesh mapped 5 Stages of an Organization’s maturity. The higher the maturity, the more effortless the system, and results flow as a function of Certainty as opposed to Hope. Once enrolled, the team resolved to move from Level 1 (Initial) to Level 2 (Managed). Relationships with process got transformed and a high level of receptivity and commitment to design and install processes started to show up. LINKVIVA is now a Level 2 Company, well on its way to attain Level 3 Maturity.

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The CBG Program helped LINKVIVA Increase
Sales By 200%, GP to 40% and Cash Flows By 350%,


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