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  1. Rajesh is a person who lives life king size. He is a hungry learner who has mastered the art of applying each learning in every sphere of life, unlike the rest of us, who only accumulate knowledge. He sees people as not who they are, but potentially who they could be, and is a relentless demand to fructify that potential which they themselves are unaware of. He gives himself fully, surrendering to the moment, be it leading a workshop, cooking, playing the Sitar, or spending time with his family. His energy and zest for life are inspirational. He leads by example. He makes you want to be a better person, without asking you to change or trying to change you.

  2. Rajesh is first a listener par excellence. His sharp listening enables him to quickly get to the real issue you are articulating, and then he shows you a mirror that you could not see thus far. He is now ready to embark on his mission with you … coach you to be who you say you will be.

  3. Rajesh will change the game for you. He comes in gently, with a whisper and then WHAM! Over the decade, I have had multiple interactions with him as a mentor and as a coach and in each conversation I have come back with life changing paradigm shifts as well as invaluable nuggets that only a gifted World Class coach and a mentor can provide.

  4. Rajesh is a person, who changes lives effortlessly. His coaching messages are laser sharp, which always go to the root of the problem. He helped me navigate through the difficulties of being a business owner, course correct and enjoy the process and the journey. He is always there for you as a business owner and as a friend.

  5. Every Interaction of mine with Rajesh leaves me empowered,energized and motivated. His voice and words devoid of any advice, stay with me, like a soft and melodious song throughout the day. The biggest of philosophies are unfolded in the simplest of manner, and they get embedded within without any thought or effort and the distinctions can be applied in all spheres of life. work is no longer work, but a struggle free, effortless experience. What I have adopted is his amazing ability to adapt, regroup and rework. He takes split second decisions like a fighter pilot, and discards whatever is not working without any attachment. His energy is highly infectious.

  6. Rajesh Sir is a maverick who opened the door of possibility of breakthrough results for my business. He simplified business for me and provides the never ending fuel to power my business ahead.

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