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"If you are looking to join CBG, it’s a program which you will not get in an MBA School. I’ve worked with a number of different coaches. What Rajesh brings as a coach, I haven’t really seen anything like this. CBG really sharpens you as an individual. At the same time it has a tremendous impact on your business."

Bijay Shah
Master Franchisee - BNI

"If you are considering joining the CBG Program, have an in-depth conversation with Rajesh. Be honest, be open, let him know what your challenges are. If it is right for you, he will let you know, in which case, I suggest you grab it with both hands and go for it because it is most likely the right solution for you."

Phil Bedford
MD, Asentiv - Referral Marketing


  • Verne Harnish

    Dr. Ivan Misner

    Founder BNI - World's largest
    networking organization

    Our regional directors have been engaged in The CEO's Business Growth Program for two years. BNI chapters and members are rapidly growing in the Middle East. Membership has doubled. Members' gains have tripled

  • Vijay Chauhan

    Vijay Chauhan

    Chairman & MD
    Parle Products

    Working with an experienced mentor who constantly challenges you to upgrade your mindset, strategy and tactics will help you to accelerate growth. At the CBG Program you will learn to find and break your key bottlenecks.

  • VijaypatSinghania

    Dr. Vijaypat Singhania

    Chairman Emeritus
    Raymond Woolen Mills

    I was looking for a competent coach to help me reinvent myself at the age of 75. Like a master mechanic, Rajesh brings out a hammer to hit the machine in one accurate blow to click everything in place. Unbelievable!

  • Jack Canfield

    Jack Canfield

    Best Selling Author
    The Chicken Soup Series

    If you're considering joining CBG, I wish you the very best. Through the CBG Program. Rajesh has taken on a massive project of positively impacting the lives of more than one million people who will never know his name.

  • Brian Tracy

    Brian Tracy

    Best Selling Author
    45 Best - Selling Books

    The CBG Program requires two things to be successful. The first is decide exactly what you want - set your goals - and then determine how you will achieve them. Without developing sales skills, your company cannot thrive.

  • Marshall Goldsmith

    Dr. Marshall Goldsmith

    World's #1 CEO Coach
    #1 Business Thinker

    The biggest mistake is to believe that what got you here (current success) will take you there (scaling-up). At CBG, Business Owners learn to apply simple laws of physics to de-bottleneck their operations to increase sales and profits.

  • Ron Kaufman

    Ron Kaufman

    Best Selling Author
    Up Your Service

    Being a business owner, you need to find a great mentor who can guide and inspire you. I have such admiration for the depth of knowledge that Rajesh has, that if I was a resident of Dubai, I would certainly participate in CBG

  • John Mattone

    John Mattone

    Leadership Coach
    Coach of Steve Jobs

    I strongly recommend Rajesh's CBG Program for business leaders who need to strengthen the two areas that are holding companies back - Leadership and Culture. CBG requires you to be courageous to work with your inner core

  • Tony Buzan

    Tony Buzan

    Inventor of Mind Maps,
    Creative Thinking & Speed Reading

    MBA programs teach you about shares, statistics and accounting but there is no communication, no creativity, no empathy and no spiritual intelligence. If you invest in your intelligence, your company will thrive.